Heads up!

This website hasn't really been updated since 2013. It reflects my views and interests at the beginning of college so don't take it seriously.

Cost Analysis: Trubrain Proprietary Nootropic Blend vs. Generic Equivalent

Trubrain touts itself as a nootropic blend “designed by top Neuroscientists” to create optimal conditions for “memory, complex reasoning, and sustained energy.” I’m currently (as of August 8th, 2013) trying out their stack and I really like it. While I do enjoy the product, I am not a fan of the $125 dollar pricetag.

Instantly Remove All Distractions with Applescript, Alfred, and SelfControl

I prefer isolating myself from the world as much as possible when I’m working. I use Bose QC 15 headphones to cancel out the rest of the world’s noise, but between distracting websites, constant emails, messages, and RSS feeds, the digital world can be an even bigger distraction.

Redesign! Before and after.

I’ve redesigned my entire website’s theme for minimalism and consistency. The default Octopress setup encourages linking your Twitter, Github, and Disqus in order to display that content on basically every page. Links to Twitter, Github, and the like can be quickly thrown into the about page without cluttering up every blog post page.

Hacking A.R. Drones with Node.js - Getting Started

I’m leading the A.R. Drone Programming division for the Stanford Robotics Club. We’re just getting started, and at the moment I’m teaching Javascript, Coffeescript, and Node.js to interested new members.