Heads up!

This website hasn't really been updated since 2013. It reflects my views and interests at the beginning of college so don't take it seriously.

Writing Classifications

This is a timeless, long-form page


“Timeless” writings are modeled after Gwern’s long content model. I think there is a lot of value in prioritizing quality over quantity instead of catering to the attention span of the lowest common denominator of visitors. I chose the term “timeless” because

  1. Longer content takes longer to produce and should be updated as relevant data or news emerges after “completion” and
  2. I expect my stances to change over time which doesn’t really fit the traditional blog post model of posting and moving on

I’ve found that writing out my thoughts on a topic has almost always helped me understand it better. By writing long form content with opinion I hope to develop my thinking in the process.


Unlike Gwern I also see some value in having “traditional” blog posts that are a few hundred words and convey a small amount of information quickly and concisely. Sometimes I feel an impulse to just write a short blurb on a random topic (like the real strength of web development). I also occasionally find solutions to programming issues I run into that are short write ups on someone’s blog. I think sharing quick pieces of information like that provide value, so at times I will write small posts with no intention of updating the post further in the future.


It seems counter-intuitive to publish content before completing it, but when you factor motivation into the equation posting incomplete work makes much more sense. When writing posts that are thousands of words long it’s very easy to lose motivation part way through and just never release the work. On the other hand, creating the desired post first and filling it out changes the incentive structure as the options are

  1. working on the post to bring it closer to completion or
  2. leaving incomplete work public

as opposed to

  1. working on the post to bring it closer to completion or
  2. not finishing the work and just not publishing it